Popular Ukulele Songs

Popular Ukulele Songs (4)

We all want to learn popular Ukulele songs but where to find them?

For overview of the most popular Ukulele song we recommend UkuTabs.com. If you want to play some of the songs and you find them a bit difficult, try to transpose, and if you are lucky you can find the song in some chords that you can play.

Normally we suggest that you learn some chords and learn some songs that fits to it. That is a good approach. But if you always have dreamed to play a particular song, don’t let us stop your dream.

Remember it is 5 articles on this site about songs and more about the things around the instrument. If you are a beginner our advice is to start with the first article.

See also the articles about easy ukulele songs and beginner ukulele songs. In the article somewhere over the rainbow ukulele chords you will find the chords for the most popular Ukulele song ever.

Popular Ukulele Songs on www.basicukulele.com Hawaiian dancers

Beside this special song, others are also very popular. What a wonderful world is a very popular song and if you can one of this two can nearly play them both.

Books and YouTube for learning to play the Ukulele

There are also a lot of good books that learn you popular Ukulele songs. You can buy them in shops or on the net.

Ukulele The Most Requested Songs - popular ukulele songs

YouTube is also a very good channel for learning to play popular songs. It is a lot of good players and instructors out there that can help you out. We have some links to good instructors on our web site that we recommend you to watch.

Finally for more modern popular songs you can watch this video on YouTube that shows you a lot of songs with only 4 chords in the progression: Ukulele beginner easy songs.

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