Beginner Ukulele songs (1)

When you start to play the Ukulele, and want to learn beginner Ukulele songs, you first should learn some easy chords.

For instance, C, F and G7, and try to change from one to another. This is also a progression.

The you must learn how to strum. Read our post about Strumming!

This is the first of five articles about songs for the Ukulele.

Further down in this post you will find some links to songs you can play. Thanks to the Ukulele sites that provide us with this service! 🙂

Beginner Ukulele songs (

The cords C, F and G7




Se the article on chords on Ukulele and print out the chord charts.

When you have learned the chords and can change between them reasonably fast, you can try out some beginner Ukulele songs.

It can also help you to buy a book for beginner to get some explanations and some easy beginner Ukulele songs to try. Pick out one or two you like and learn them.

Try first to learn them at the simplest way. Change from one cord to another and learn the pattern of the chords. Then try to play it so you can hear that it is this song. Play it along while you sing the text and be confident with that.

After you accomplish this, try to add the best strumming pattern and keeping the beat.

The beat it important, so if you have problems you can use a metronome. A metronome can also be downloaded as apps to your phone, or you can by one separate.

Practice, practice and practice. After a while you can manage one song, and if you are a beginner, that is 100% improvement :-).

It is better to be able to play one song well than several bad. You give a better impression to your surroundings and with one you can.

Now you have the opportunity and confidence to learn the next. Good luck!

Beginner Ukulele songs Playing Ukulele

You can buy the books in a music store or on net.

This link will show you other books. First off all, try to buy them locally!


You can also find a lot of help on YouTube to get you started. For learning how to strum you can go to our post about it.


Chunking is one of the techniques you probably want to learn as soon as possible. Go to our post about it.

Link for songs for beginners

If you want to find beginner songs for Ukulele you can try the following link to Doctor Uke.

Songs for beginners. This site starts with songs with just one chord and are very good.

Here you also can find songs for Baritone Ukulele, Press BAR.

Why not take some lessons?

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