Popular Ukulele Songs (4)

We all want to learn popular Ukulele songs, but where do we find them? In this post you will find many links to free songs and songbooks with lyrics and chords.

For an overview of the most popular Ukulele songs, we recommend UkuTabs.com. If you want to play some of the songs and find them a bit difficult, try transposing and if you’re lucky you might find the song in some chords that you can play.

As you know, you usually transpose because you want your voice to match your playing. But you can also transpose to find the song with chords you can play. It’s better to be able to play a song than not, if you’re not in the mood to learn new chords.

Here is the top 10 from UkuTabs:

  1. Twenty One Pilots » Can’t Help Falling In Love
  2. Israël Kamakawiwo’ole » Over The Rainbow /…  (our post)
  3. Jason Mraz » I’m Yours
  4. Twenty One Pilots » House Of Gold
  5. Leonard Cohen » Hallelujah
  6. Vance Joy » Riptide
  7. Train » Hey, Soul Sister
  8. Cristin Milioti » La Vie En Rose
  9. Misc Cartoons » Someone To Lava 
  10. Grace VanderWaal » I Don’t Know My Name

Our advice

Usually we suggest you learn some chords and learn some songs to go with it. That’s a good approach. But if you’ve always dreamed of playing a certain song, don’t let us stop your dream. Learn chords here!

Remember that there are 5 articles on BasicUkulele.com about songs and about everything else about the instrument. If you are a beginner, our advice is to start with the first article.

Read also the articles about easy ukulele songs and beginner ukulele songs. In the article somewhere over the rainbow ukulele chords you will find the chords for the most popular Ukulele song ever.

Popular Ukulele Songs on www.basicukulele.com Hawaiian dancers

Beside this particular song, others are also very popular. What a Wonderful World is an extremely popular song and if you know one of these two you can almost play them both.

Here is the official video for Somewhere over the rainbow:

Sweet Home Alabama:

Classic country lyrics

If you love country you will find almost all lyrics and chords at this link to Classic Country Lyrics.

For example this one:

Free Songbooks.

At the link you will find many free songbooks that you can download for free. It is for different types of ukuleles and for right and left handed players. (Jim’s Ukulele/Guitar/etc Songbooks (ozbcoz.com)

There are also many other sites where you can find songs. Here is one of them: Richard G’s Ukulele Songbook.

Books and YouTube for learning to play Ukulele

There are also a lot of good books that learn you popular Ukulele songs. You can buy them in shops or on the internet. The link over will give you a lot of suggestions.

Ukulele The Most Requested Songs - popular ukulele songs

This is just one of them. Ukulele: The Most Requested Songs (Strum & Sing) by Hal Leonard



Finally, for more modern popular songs, you can watch this video on YouTube that shows you many songs with only 4 chord progressions: Easy Songs for Beginners.

As you know, YouTube is great for learning to play any instrument, and of course the Ukulele. There are many wonderful instructors for you there.

Next to learning, it is also possible to find play along videos, like this one: The most popular Despacito. The chords are: Am, F, C and G. Have fun 🙂

Play along with this video: What a wonderful world

PS: Maybe you need some endings to the song?

What about Hawaiian endings!

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