Ukulele scales

If you are a beginner, you do not need to start with the Ukulele scales.

A Ukulele is not a piano :-). Just learn some chords and start strumming.

Later on, you may be want to play some single notes in good ukulele songs, and then you need to know where to find them.

For that reason, you may need a map over the notes/scales, or you must learn how string instruments are set up with the string, frets and scales.

If you also want to play scales on the Ukulele, it depends on witch key you want to play.

All the keys have different maps. This is a map over the Cmaj scales. (Hold your finger on the note you want to play in the map and play just that string.)

Ukulele scales: cmaj scala map on Ukulele

Ukulele Buddy:

Why learning the scales?

If you want to learn the scales, we guess you not are a beginner. And learning the scales will also take your playing to a higher level.

It is also nice if you play in a band and want to be able to play a solo, or the real melody, when the rest of your band is playing the chords.

Also, it is very nice to be able to play some notes in different songs, not only the chords. Maybe especially in the start of the song? Then everybody recognizes it, and it is a good beginning before you start with the cords and singing the song.

Or it can be genuinely nice inside the song for making a break from the chords.

Where to find all the scales

To find the scales visit ukuscales there it is in all keys.

This site is also good: Uke Buddy

Some blues 🙂

Left-Handed Ukulele

For left-handed ukulele it will be the opposite. The A sting is therefore in the bottom of the picture. See our post about left-handed Ukulele and learn about it.