Ukulele scales

As a beginner, you can skip the Ukulele scales for now. Unlike a piano, a Ukulele is more suitable for playing chords and strumming along.

However, if you want to spice up your ukulele songs with single notes, you will need to know where they are on the fretboard.

Therefore, you might want to use a map of the notes/scales, or learn how the strings, frets and scales work on stringed instruments.

Playing scales on the Ukulele also depends on the key you choose.

Each key has a different map. For example, this is the map of the Cmaj scale. (To play a note on the chart, press your finger on it and pluck the corresponding string.)

Here you have one from Go to their web site and dowload it, or any other scale.

Ukulele C-scale from
Ukulele C-scale from

You can find a lot of books about scales and chords on Amazon, also in Kindle format. (#Ad)

Ukulele scale chart
Link for this book.

Why learning the scales?

Learning the scales means you are not a beginner anymore. You want to take your Ukulele playing to a higher level.

Playing the scales can also help you if you play in a band and want to solo or play the melody while the others play the chords.

Moreover, it’s really nice to add some notes to your songs, not just the chords. For instance, you can play the notes at the beginning of the song to make it recognizable, and then switch to the chords and sing along.

Or you can take a break from the chords and play some notes in the middle of the song.


Where to find all the Ukulele scales

In addittion to you can find the scales at ukuscales. There, you can also can find scales in all keys.

This site is also good: Uke Buddy

Some blues 🙂

Left-Handed Ukulele

For left-handed ukulele it will be the opposite. The A sting is therefore in the bottom of the picture. Read our post about left-handed Ukulele and learn about it.

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