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First of all, the Ukulele is the instrument for everybody, and this website is especially relevant if you want to learn about it, or already know and love it. It is the same if you are young or old, left or right-handed – it does not matter.

Many people starts probably with a cheap standard (soprano) Ukulele. And if you do, we promise you that you after a while will want to try out other qualities and sizes. So, this is also an instrument for poor and rich, and it is difficult for non-experts to see if you in fact have a cheap Ukulele or not.

Above all, everyone can have a lot of fun with this small four string instrument. Because it just has four strings it is also relatively easy to learn to play, compared to a guitar. With these words it doesn’t mean that it is a toy instrument. Far off. To be really good you have to practice a lot, but you can play easy songs for yourself, or your family and friends, without a lot of struggling.

When you can manage to play some chords and progressions, you will as a result not be able to put it away.

We love it, and we hope you also do.

We will provide you with the best information related to it and most of all as informative as possible. In our posts/articles (see below) you will probably get a lot of tips about this wonderful instrument, in addition to how to play it. We have also some links to good sites for helping you out.

Furthermore, this site is not just for beginners. Others can also learn a lot from this website.


Why is Basic Ukulele the best site for finding information about the Ukulele?

The best thing about www.basicukulele.com is that we do not have our own YouTube channel, internet courses or shop. Because of that we can show you and guide you to all kinds of good stuff and videos from the internet from several experts, and not be tied up with just our own.

We think this is absolutely the best things about our web site – this freedom of giving you the best information possible related to the Ukulele.

On the other hand, we have some advertisements and affiliate partners for funding the costs of having this page. We hope you understand that, and use them so we can have this site, Facebook page and Facebook group open.

For learning to play the Ukulele of your own, you need to watch some videos, and we have tried to pick out some of the best for you. When we discover a new or better video, or link, we will update the posts. If you have a suggestion for us, please use our Facebook group for charring: Ukulele Lovers, or our contact form.

The name of the sites, or experts, we have as links is not always mentioned in our text, but you can see it when you follow our links.

The Basic Ukulele Team sincerely hope that our website will give you inspiration for playing this fun instrument in addition to learn a lot about it!

Watch the videos! It is amazing 🙂

What about some tricks? Go to our post about it!

Basic Ukulele/About – The Articles

The Articles are written in a simple and easy English so also people from not English-speaking countries can read them without big skills in the language. Of that reason the articles/posts are as short, and most of all especially relevant, as possible. The site also has a translation possibility if your browser don’t translate automatically.

Finally, if you have some suggestions for improvements, or new articles, please send us a message.

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