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The ukulele is a wonderful instrument for everyone, no matter your age, handedness, or budget. Whether you are new to the ukulele or already a fan, this website will help you learn more about this little instrument and its many possibilities. You may start with a cheap soprano ukulele, but soon you will want to explore other sizes and qualities. Don’t worry, even a cheap ukulele can sound great and look good.

The best thing about the ukulele is that it is fun to play and easy to learn. It only has four strings, which makes it simpler than a guitar. But don’t think that it is just a toy. The ukulele can produce beautiful music if you practice enough. You can also play simple songs for yourself or others with just a few chords.

Once you pick up a ukulele, you won’t want to put it down. 🎶

On this website, you will find articles that cover the basics of the ukulele, such as:

– The different Ukulele types.
– How to tune your ukulele and what the strings are called.
– Strumming.
– Chords, progessions and rhythm.
– How to play songs and have fun with your ukulele.

We hope that this website will inspire you to start or continue your ukulele journey. Remember, the most important thing is to enjoy yourself and make music. Happy strumming! 😊

We love it and we hope you do too.

Basic Ukulele aims to provide you with the most useful and informative information about the ukulele. Our posts/articles (check them out below) are filled with valuable tips on mastering this delightful instrument and learning how to play it. Additionally, we offer links to reputable websites that can assist you further.

Moreover, it’s important to note that our site isn’t solely intended for beginners. Individuals at all skill levels can benefit from the wealth of knowledge shared here.


Why is Basic Ukulele the best site to find Ukulele information?

Basic Ukulele is a great website for Ukulele lovers because it has a special way of doing things. We don’t just show you our own YouTube channel, internet course, or store like other websites do. Instead, we give you a list of good content and videos from different experts on the internet.

This way, you can choose what you want to learn and watch. You also get the best information about the Ukulele. Basic Ukulele helps you save time because you don’t have to search the web for videos and information. Our website has everything you need in one place.

While we do feature ads and affiliate partners to cover the costs of maintaining the site, we kindly request your understanding and support in using them. Your engagement enables us to keep our website, Facebook page, and Facebook group accessible to all.

We want to help you learn how to play the Ukulele, so we have carefully selected and compiled a collection of top-notch videos for your convenience. Moreover, we continuously update our posts to include new and improved videos or links. Therefore, if you have any suggestions, we encourage you to share them with us.


While we may not always explicitly mention the names of the sites or experts behind the links in our text, rest assured that you will find the relevant information when you follow those links.

At Basic Ukulele, we love sharing our passion for this charming instrument and helping you learn more about it. Come along and join the fun of Ukulele playing!

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