Many people have the desire to play the Ukulele. You are not the only one. If you feel like you are not improving as much as you expected by learning the ukulele on your own, maybe you should consider taking some lessons.

At Basic Ukulele, we offer you many tips regarding the instrument and how to play it, but we know that learning by yourself can be challenging. If you’ve realized it, you’re not alone in these thoughts. YouTube has many great videos that can show you how to play, but sometimes you might need some extra help. By the way, we also have a post about this: Learn to play Ukulele, or improve your skills.

Why should you take some lessons for learning to play Ukulele?

Why spend money for instructions, when you can find instructions for free on the internet?

It can be several reasons for that.

For instance:

  • It’s more personal than just watching some random videos online.
  • It is fun!
  • You’ll get more progression, because you’ve paid some money for it, and then you feel like you can’t afford to ignore the lessons. (This is a good thing that can give you motivation to keep learning. Actually kind of important for the motivation combined with the fun.)
  • The professional teachers have the right progression in the teaching, so you will have the right subject in the right place in the progress
  • They are professional teachers who have this as a job. Therefore, the teaching must be of good quality if they want to have bread on the table in the future.
  • You can really feel the improvement from week to week.

Where should I sign up?

There are many good teachers out there. Maybe you have a teacher in your neighborhood? Why not get in touch? Support the local people! We always want to support local businesses when it comes to buying ukuleles or learning to play. But we admit that in many cases it can be more convenient to buy online.

If you don’t have a local teacher, there are several options you can find online. Do some searches and read testimonials from students. We’re sure you’ll find one that’s perfect for you. From time to time, some suggestions also come up in our Facebook group, Ukulele lovers, but we can’t say anything about the quality, because we haven’t tested it. That said, there can be very good suggestions from our members.

Learn to play Ukulele Ukulele-senter-Foto-Kittisak-Wutthikraichamrat-Pixabay

Basic Ukulele has also searched online for instructors, and over the years has found some. But some of them may not be as good as they seem. We’re sure they’re all good in one way or another, but why do they stop advertising? We feel a little safer if they have been around for a while. Not saying new instructors aren’t good, because that’s not a truth, but if they’ve been around for a few years, we think the chances of their professionalism might be a bit higher.

Go and find a teacher that can learn you to play Ukulele, or improve your playing!

What about singing?

No matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced singer, Singorama can help you. Not only is it educational, it’s really fun!

Sing like a professional starting today!

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