Easy Ukulele Songs (2)

Imagine sitting on a beach with your friends and playing some easy ukulele songs. Nice, isn’t it? 

Or you got a Ukulele and you picture yourself playing nice songs for your family and friends when the sun goes down. The only problem is – you can’t play!

Then you have to do something about it. That’s why we have this articles of learning to play songs on the Ukulele.


Remember also that it is 5 articles about songs and more about the things around the instrument. Tune your Ukulele and try out some of our suggestions, and after a short period you can enjoy the sunset as you pictured it. It is not hard to learn, but it is hard to start learning.

When you have done the beginner songs for Ukulele you can try out some others Easy Ukulele Songs or Easy Songs to play on Ukulele. You learn some new chords G Em Am.

If you already have been trough our suggestions on the earlier articles this is the page where you can find links to some really good easy songs.


Her you can learn 30 easy Ukulele songs

You can also get a lots of good tip on this site: Doctor Uke

And why not try this out: 50 Easy Ukulele Songs for Beginners

When you have learned some nice songs, it is time for learning to chunk. This trick you have to learn. It will also take your playing to a new level and it will be very impressive.

For chunking see our post/article about it!

easy ukulele songs on www.basicukulele.com

Learn Ukulele the easy way - easy ukulele songs

21 Songs in 6 Days: Learn Ukulele the Easy Way: Book + online video (Beginning Ukulele Songs)

And this is a link to other books, if you not can buy them loyally.


Tips for learning easy Ukulele songs

You don´t have to learn a lot of chords to play on the Ukulele. Try first to make it simple. Learn some chords and learn also some songs that fits to it. That is a good approach instead of wanting to learn one particular song that is very complicated.

For learning 10 songs with just 4 easy chords (C G Am F), see this fantastic video:

What about Blues?

If you like to play some easy blues, here is a nice place to start.

G, G7, C7 and D7 with the struming DDU-UDU.


Here you have some more blues 🙂

If you want some help:

Or Ukulele Buddy: