If you are going to play good Ukulele songs you need to know about chunking, how to Chunk” or mute. It is probably the coolest trick you can learn!

So, are you ready to explore this exciting technique? Check out the guide and videos on chunking here. Happy strumming! 🎶

A Chunk add a percussive click, or sound, to your strumming, and makes the song more interesting. It is like clapping your hands, but you do it with you strings on your Ukulele.

So, the beauty of chunking lies in its versatility. It can be used to add a rhythmic backbone to a song, or to add emphasis to certain beats. It’s a technique that, once mastered, can truly elevate your ukulele playing.
However, chunking does require some practice. The key is to strike the strings and mute them almost simultaneously, which can be tricky to get the hang of. But with patience and persistence, you’ll soon be chunking like a pro!

We first of all recommend you to learn Chunking as soon as you have learned some chords in addition to a few standard strumming patterns.

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If you want to play the Ukulele this technique is something you need to learn in addition to chords, progressions and strumming patterns. The chunk is also something you need to play in some of the patterns. Anyway, this will immediately bring your playing to a more “professional” level.

If you already know a chunking method, you can also try out the other methods mentioned below. Maybe you’ll like them better.

Sometimes Chunking are written as Chnking, Chucking or Choking or even just called “palm muting”, but it’s all the same.

Ukulele chunking

How to Chunk

So what is the chunk technique? Chunking, or muting, is a technique that can add some rhythm and flair to your ukulele playing. It involves stopping the sound of the strings with your strumming hand right after you hit them. This creates a percussive effect that can spice up any song. So, it is made by strumming down and quickly followed by muting the strings. All in one motion. There are several different methods for muting. You can use you thumb, your palm or your fingers. The effect, or sound, will be about the same.

It is important that you don’t use much force and don’t hit you ukulele hard, or dig your fingers into the strings, on your down-strumming. In strumming patterns chunking is normally marked as an X. Example: DUXUDUXU

For chunking/muting with your thumb:

With your Palm:

With one finger and your palm:

Try out the different methods and find out which one that suits your playing best. When you have practiced for a while you will find that this technique isn’t difficult at all, and you will very soon be chunking as a pro.

Good luck!

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