It is always a challenge to learn something new, and so is it also with learning how to play Ukulele.

Here you have some tips and advices, and not only for beginners!

Learn to play Ukulele

The most important thing is to try to learn, and not put the instrument out of sight.

You know, the Ukulele is a fantastic instrument, and fun to play. It is not so hard to learn. Above all, you must start learning or improving.

When you first have started you will find out that this small instrument will be your friend for the rest of your life. Therefor it is important that if you, for some reason, find some of the techniques a bit difficult, do not give up. You just must practice and practice or get some help.

And so, comes the question – how shall I learn to play?

The same question arises for those who can play a bit but wants to improve their skills. Everybody wants to be a virtuoso. Don’t we all?

You have actually several options.

Learn to play by joining a course

If you are lucky there is an ukulele teacher, or a friend, that can learn you the secret, or help you to improve your playing nearby. This is maybe the best option, but unfortunately not always possible. Then you have to choose another option.

Learn to play by Internet and YouTube

First of all, our site, Basic Ukulele, gives you a lot of information about the instrument, and all around it. If you read our posts you will be well informed, and you will have links to videos that learn you to play. This videos are on YouTube. For example, or posts about Easy Ukulele Songs, Good Ukulele Songs, or Popular Ukulele Songs. In addition to this, we tell you about the instruments and techniques.

If you also do your own searches on the web, you can get a lot of tips for how to play Ukulele.,

In our Facebook page we also have provided you with instructions for some melodies from top performers/teachers. Just scroll the page.

Learn to play Ukulele
Don’t leave it alone!

Buy a book

Yes, this can also be an option, and many of us have started here. There is a lot of books out there for learning you the skill. But there is a problem.

To learn playing an instrument, without guidance, is not the easiest way. It is possible, of course it is, but to listen to the melodies as well, is an advantage. Maybe a combination with learning by book and YouTube is a better solution.

Anyway, if you buy the book locally you also support the local bookstore or music store. That is good! To have a book about the instrument with teaching is never never a waste of money.

Here is a link to other books!

Taking an internet course

There are several persons, companies, schools out there that can help you with becoming an expert. It is courses for beginners and for those that have hade the instrument for a while and need some input for improvement.

Learning by internet courses is the modern, maybe the best, and the most practical way to learn if you don’t have a local option. Today you can be what you want by internet, so why not a fabulous ukulele player?

We present to you here some options that you can check out.

Rocket Ukulele will learn you to play in 30 Days. A complete step-by-step guide to learning the Ukulele. A learning program. This is a membership-based site that guides you with a lot of lessons.

Watch the videos and read more on the link. Maybe this is what you are looking for?

Ukulele Buddy. Lessons 4 beginners. Ukulele lessons with good conversion.

Discover how Jp Allen & Mitch Chang have helped thousands of students fulfill their dream of playing Ukulele and learn their favorite songs

However, they will give you simple video lessons in a fun way. Here you get three seven minutes videos per week. And most importantly, focusing on the things that will help you the most. Check it out!

So, now you have no excuses for not learning to play, or not improving.

In conclusion, try out one of our suggested methods!

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