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We are of course on Facebook, and have been there for a few years. We want to update you more often than we can with new posts, so we use Facebook for this purpose and to give you the best information.

All about the ukulele = Basic Ukulele

All you need to know, and we show you how – is our moto. In our posts you will find tips, tricks, information on all types of ukulele including baritone, tuning, strings, chords, progressions, scales, beginner/easy/good/popular songs, cheap ukulele, left handed, ukulele history and more.

As a supplement to this, we use Facebook to share things, videos, photos, instructions and tests. We have been there since February 2016. We have also posted things there that have been published by our members in our group. (Read below.)

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Ukulele Lovers

Basic Ukulele has a popular group for ukulele lovers! This is a place where you can share experiences, news and things about this wonderful instrument. (And nothing else!) It’s a fast-growing meeting point for all of us.

The lovers come from over 100 countries and are of all ages. They are beginners and professionals. Here you can get a lot of inspiration for improvement, and lots of tips for your playing, in addition to Basic Ukulele’s website and Facebook page.

Our hope and intention with the group:

  • Members from all over the world. A global group.
  • Uniting the world together in the interest of this little instrument. Young and old of all genders.
  • That the members accept and enjoy each other’s performances around the world. To respect, like and encourage each other.
  • To be a group where you can ask questions and get answers. And where you will never be afraid to ask stupid questions. We’ve all started at some point.
  • To be a group where you can find inspiration, and find wisdom from many of the excellent members of the group.
  • Being one of the largest groups on Facebook.
  • To be a Facebook group with safe and clean posts, and absolutely no posts and comments with rude content.

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Please note:

Basic Ukulele is an independent website that does not have any sponsors. Therefore, the only way we earn some money to keep the website running is by getting clicks on Google ads in our posts. We hope you don’t mind them and use them if you find them helpful. In addition, we appreciate every click you make on our ads and express our gratitude for your support. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

(We do not own the advertising in the videos.)

Finally, Basic Ukulele was founded in 2015 with the aim of making it easier for anyone who wants to learn or find out more about this wonderful instrument.

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