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Of course, we are on Facebook, and we have been there for some years. We want to update you more often than we can with new posts, so we use it for giving you the best information.

All about the ukulele = Basic Ukulele

All you need to know, and we show you how – is our moto. In our posts you will find tips, tricks, information of all types of ukuleles including Baritone, tuning, strings, chords, progressions, scales, beginner/easy/good/popular songs, cheap ukulele, left-handed, the ukulele history and more.

As a supplement to this we use Facebook for sharing stuff, videos, pictures, instructions and tests. We have been there from February 2016.

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Ukulele Lovers

Basic Ukulele also have a popular group for Ukulele lovers!  This is a place for you all to share experiences, news and stuff about this wonderful instrument. (And nothing else!)

It is a fast growing meeting point for us all.

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