Chords on Ukulele

When you want to learn to play you need to learn the chords on Ukulele.

Ukulele chords are displayed as chord chart. It is a lots of them on the net, but some of them can frighten a beginner. So find one that is for your level and for the strings you have.

The chords on the Ukulele is according to the tuning. If you have it C-tuned it will not be the same chords as if you have it D-tuned.

Chords on Ukulele (

Links to cords on Ukulele:

Here are some links that shows you Ukulele chords.

Chords (GCEA) (C-tuned)

Chord chart ADFB (D-tuned)

Chords on a Baritone Ukulele:

Baritone  Ukulele chord chart.

Chords on a left handed Ukulele:

Left handed (GCEA) Ukulele chord chart.

How to play the Ukulele chords

This link also shows you how to play the chords: Uke Buddy

Print out the chord chart so you have them for some of our other sites as Ukulele Chord Progressions.

If you want to learn to play specific songs, the net and YouTube are fantastic teachers.

For instance if you want to learn “Lean On Me”, “Cont On Me” or “Take On Me” just search: lean on me ukulele chords (the cords are C, F, Em and G for playing this song on an easy way), count on me ukulele chords (C, Em, Am, G, F and Dm) or take on me ukulele chords (A, Bm, Dbm, D, F, Gbm and G). Then you can find perfect teachers for your level that shows you how to play it.

If you are a beginner we will suggest you start with something easy.

Witch cords to start with

There are several experts out there that have an opinion on witch chord you shall start with for learning to play chords on the Ukulele. We guess it depends on what kind of music you like.

C, E, A, F and D is probably a very good start, but we prefer C, Am, F, G7 and G.

For Ukuleles tuned GCEA:
           C                     Am                       F               

C - Chords on UkuleleAm - Chords on Ukulele F - Chords on Ukulele

G7                            G

G7   G - Chords on Ukulele

E                          E7                   Em – Normal                     Em

E - Chords on Ukulele E7 - Chords on Ukulele Em-normal - Chords on Ukulele Em - Chords on Ukulele

A                         Bm                           D                         Dm

A - Chords on Ukulele Bm - Chords on Ukulele D - Chords on Ukulele Dm

With these chords you can play a lots of songs. C, Am, F, G7 is also a good progression that you can play in a loop. Se the article about Ukulele chords progressions.

Be aware that some of the cords can be a bit difficult to play, or have in a progression, for a beginner. Don’t start with the difficult stuff!

For some of the more difficult cords there can be an alternative for make them easier to play. Example: E cord. It can be easier for you to have your long finger over the to upper strings. Then you use 3 fingers instead of 4. Try it out.

Another example: If you are playing a song with G and G7, you can try to use the little finger on the E string, ring finger on A and long finger on C in G cord and pointer on the E string in G7.

The G6 cord – may be a favorit?

G6 = Em7, Gmaj9, Asus4

G6 - G6 = Em7, Gmaj9, A9sus4 - chords on ukulele

Good luck with learning chords! Now you can proceed to our post about Chords Progressions, and Strumming.