Ukulele Chords Progressions

The Ukulele chords progressions is something you need to learn. It is fun, nice to hear, and your “audience” will think you are a rely good Ukulele player. Even if your not.

On the other hand if you are good, you always want to learn some new. Therefore this hunting for new and good sounding progressions will never stop.

First of all, if you are a beginner you can read our tips below. If you are a good Ukulele player we also have some tips for you.

What is Ukulele progressions?

Ukulele Chords Progressions is when you play a chord, then change to a new one and so on, and then start at the beginning of the progression. Normally it is 3 or 4 chords. You can play a progression over and over, and it will sound good. These progressions can you also use in different songs. Some songs are repeating of a progression over and over. Example: La Bamba – C – F – G7

Ukulele Chords Progressions on music

In witch order shall I learn the Ukulele progressions?

You can first of all start with this because it it easy and useful:

C – F – G7

Ukulele Chords Progressions: C F G7


Then you can try:

A – D – A – E7

Ukulele Chords Progressions: A D A E7

D – G – D – A7

Ukulele Chords Progressions: D G D A7 (2)

C – Am – F – G7

Ukulele Chords Progressions: C Am F G7 (2)

Am – Dm – Am – E7

Ukulele Chords Progressions: Am Dm Am E7

Dm – I have read that some also calls this the saddest chord on Ukulele:

Dm – A7 – Dm – Gm – Dm – A7 – Dm – A7

Ukulele Chords Progressions: Dm A7 Gm

Tips for finding progressions for the Ukulele

We also recommend you to visit other great Ukulele sites on the net for finding recommendations for good progressions. It is a lot of them out there, but have in mind not all are very good, or useful. Anyway, learn some different progressions in addition to them above and enjoy it. Finally it is very nice to just relax and play some progressions on your Ukulele, and let you mind float.

There are some sites more you maybe should visit for learning progressions. You can also find documents with chords for printing here:

Bytown Ukulele Group


If you need som help, try this link. Learn with a bit of fun!