First of all, Ukulele tricks are a nice thing to know.

Why? It can make your playing something to remember for your audience, and it’s also a lot of fun to do the tricks.

You will probably be considered an outstanding Ukulele player!

Some of the tricks are easy to learn and some you have to practice a lot to master. Anyway, if you know some tricks it can cover up some losses in your skills, or if you’re really good, it will bring your playing to a new level.

Also, Ukulele tricks are for all types of Ukuleles.

Chunking has its own post!

You can find several more on the internet for scaling up your Ukulele playing. We have some particularly relevant examples here in this post.

Ukulele tricks

Three tricks for Ukulele Showboating by Peter Forrest:

Peter Forrest has some good tricks that you maybe find easy to learn, and probably they give you a flying start.

  1. Finger 8

  2. Spammy Whammy

  3. Flippin´ the Bird

Drumbeat Technique:

James Hill is amazing. He takes the Ukulele playing to a new fun level on his acoustic/electric Ukulele.(#Ad) He has several videos on YouTube, and we show you two of the crazy ones below.

Here is one of them:

And another with Chopsticks and a Comb 🙂

Here you have a good old one 🙂


Chord-Melody is playing melody and chords at the same time. Not the easiest, but if you’ve been playing the ukulele for a while, try it out.

If you’re looking for Chord-Melody tutorials, here’s one of two parts by James Hill, with a simple example. He also shows us Strum-Pick-Strum-Pick technique where you only strum on the 1st and 3rd beats, and Pick-Strum-Pick-Strum where you strum on the 2nd and 4th beats.

Natural, Pinch (artificial) and Slap/tap harmonics.

Amos Lim have a video about this tree Harmonics.

Jussi Ukulele´s Tapping technique:

And Pick, Strum and Slap:

How to end a song.


Finally, if you have more suggestions for tricks, let us know. You can also use our Facebook group for sharing.

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