Concert and Tenor Ukulele.

This post will give you some information about the Concert and Tenor ukuleles. These ukuleles are bigger than the standard one. Our post Ukulele types describes all the different types of Ukulele, with measurements and tuning. The Baritone Ukulele is even bigger and has its own postBaritone Ukulele.

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Concert Ukulele

Concert Ukulele vs Soprano Ukulele

We are not quite sure when the Concert (#Ad) Ukulele was “invented”, but we do know that it has been on sale since 1925, manufactured by Martin & Co. Some also call this Ukulele an Alto or Super Soprano.

The Concert Ukulele is slightly larger than the Standard (Soprano) Ukulele and the sound is also slightly different, or heavier, than the Soprano.

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The first Concert Ukuleles came with 12 frets. Today the Concert Ukulele have from 14 frets to 20. Normally 14 or 15, and tuned to GCEA, as a Soprano Ukulele.

It is easier for people with large fingers to play this Ukulele that has a larger body and neck, compared to the Soprano. Therefore, the size makes the frets more spaced.

Enya Concert ukulele

Enya Concert Ukulele. Link to AliExpress

Tenor Ukulele

Tenor Ukulele vs Concert and Soprano Ukulele

The Tenor Ukulele was invented right after the Concert Ukulele. We know that it has been for sale since  1928, but it may also be a year or two before. The first we have found came with 12 frets, and later changed to 14. Today it is normal with 16 frets or 15+, as it is described.

This Ukulele has a wider sound range than the Soprano and the Concert Ukulele.

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First of all, The Tenor Ukulele is great for performers because of its full sound, and the player can reach higher notes because it has more frets than the smaller Ukuleles. The Tenor Ukulele is also larger than the Concert Ukulele (but smaller than the Baritone). For this reason, many players prefer this size because it is easier to hold. It fits probably the body of an adult better.

The distance between the frets on the fretboard increases with the size of the ukulele, but the width does not necessarily increase. Due to this, individuals with larger hands prefer to use larger ukuleles than the soprano.

The distance between the frets. Soprano (left) vs Tenor (right)

This instrument is also produced with 6 and 8 strings, but the normal is 4 as a normal Ukulele.

However, normal tuning is GCEA re-entrant or GCEA linear. Read our post about How to tune a Ukulele.

In addition, here you have a video that shows the difference between the Soprano, Concert and Tenor Ukulele.

Soprano vs Concert Ukulele

This picture shows the difference in sound range:

Concert and Tenor Ukulele sound range

This picture from musique83 shows the difference in sizes.


Remember, the choice between a concert and tenor ukulele ultimately depends on your personal preference and comfort. 

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