Good Ukulele Songs (3)

This post is about good ukulele songs so we will explore some of the best.

What makes a song a good ukulele song? It could be a song that suits the sound and style of the ukulele, or a song that is easy and fun to play on the ukulele.

Some of the most popular ukulele songs are from movies, such as “Somewhere over the rainbow”. These songs are familiar and catchy, and they have contributed to the popularity of the ukulele.

Good Ukulele songs (

The ukulele is a versatile instrument that can play any kind of music, but some genres are maybe more suitable than others. Hawaiian music is a natural fit for the ukulele, as it originated from there. But you can also play jazz, blues, rock, country and pop music on the ukulele. It all depends on the skill and style of the player.

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Usefull links for good ukulele songs.

First of all, if you are looking for free songs and songbooks with lyrics and chords, you should check out our other posts about songs. We have searched the web for you and found some of the best resources. (Go to Popular Ukulele Songs!)

You can also learn from some of the best artists on YouTube who can teach you how to play the songs well. Watch some of their videos in our articles.

You can also join our Facebook page, or our Facebook group, Ukulele Lovers. There you will find a lot of useful and fun content.

Another way to find great ukulele songs to learn is to follow this link: Top 100 on Ukulele , or this website that offers free lyrics and chords for ukulele songs is

The site from Musical-U has a very helpful post that guides you to many other sites where you can find songs. Go to this link:

The Best Free Online Ukulele Songbooks and Resources

Physical books with good ukulele songs.

By the way: You don’t want to miss the video on our homepage of the two girls playing ukulele. They are incredible and  they play with such skill and passion that you will be inspired and amazed. They show how much fun and beauty you can create with the ukulele. Go to our homepage and watch them now!

Instructions for the La Vie En Rose:


To play good ukulele songs, you also need to know how to “Chunk” or mute.

This technique is essential for playing the ukulele, along with chords, progressions and strumming patterns. The chunk is also something you need to play in some of the patterns. This is a way of creating a percussive sound by stopping the strings from vibrating. It can add rhythm and groove to your playing and it will immediately bring your playing to a more professional level.

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You can also mute with the fingers that hold the chord, by lifting them slightly.

What about learning some Ukulele Tricks?

Learning some tricks can make your ukulele playing more fun and impressive. Some tricks are easy to learn, and some are more challenging. But they all can add some flair and excitement to your playing. They can also help you hide some flaws in your skills, or if you are already good, they can take your playing to a higher level. So, go to our post about Ukulele Tricks and discover some of the coolest tricks you can do with your ukulele!

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