Good Ukulele Songs (3)

This post is about Good Ukulele Songs.

What is good Ukulele Songs? Is it songs that sounds good on a Ukulele? Or is it a good song that you can play on a Ukulele, or easy to play?

Songs like “Somewhere over the rainbow” and other popular songs from movies was, and is, very popular on the Ukulele, because everyone knows them. This have also been one of the reasons for the Ukuleles popularity.

Good Ukulele songs (

You can in fact play all sorts of music on a Ukulele, but some styles suits better than others. Hawaiian music is especially nice to listen to on a Ukulele, but the limit don’t go there. Both jazz, blues, rock, country and popular music can be good on a Ukulele. It always depends on the performer.

First of all, if you want to play a good song search the net for it, and find chords and text. On YouTube you also can find excellent performers that can teach you how to play it so it sound rely good. You can also go to our Facebook page. It it a lot there.
You can find a lot of good Ukulele songs to learn by following this link Topp 100 on Ukulele

If you not have been to our homepage, you should go there and see the video with the two girls playing Ukulele, because they are awesome! 

Instructions for the La Vie En Rose:


If you are going to play good ukulele songs you furthermore need to know how toChunk” or mute.

If you want to play the Ukulele, this technique is something you need to learn in addition to chords, progressions and strumming patterns. The chunk is also something you need to play in some of the patterns. Any way, this will immediately bring your playing to a more professional level. Go to our post about it and learn!

Some also mute with the fingers, that holds the chord, by losing them up a bit.

Ukulele buddy!

What about learning some Ukulele Tricks?

Some tricks are simple to learn, and some you have to practise a lot for managing. Anyway, if you can some tricks it can cover up that you have some losses in your skills, or if you are rely good, it will bring your playing to a new level. Go to our post about Ukulele Tricks!