Cheap Ukulele

One of the main reasons for the Ukuleles popularity is the price.

A cheap Ukulele is still a instrument that you can learn to play relative quickly and in addition give you a lot of fun.

Over the years the Ukulele have been developed/improved, and different materials have been tried out to find the best sound, so today you can find Ukuleles in the whole price range.

Many people buy cheap Ukulele as a starter instrument, or for checking out if they like the instrument or not.

A cheap Ukulele can be all right, but the strings are often also cheap and maybe of bad quality. If you change the strings to a better quality, the cheap Ukulele can be quite OK, and an instrument you can try out, and most of all have a lot of fun with for years.

Remember to by the right strings. Check the article about how to tune a Ukulele or Ukulele String Names, and you will find the right strings.

If you have a standard Ukulele you can decide if you want it C or D tuned. For a beginner we will recommend a C tuning since we find that more easy to play.

ukuleles in all colors

When the Ukulele is up to go, you then can learn how to tune a Ukulele and play easy Ukulele songs or popular ukulele songs 🙂 If you are lucky, and you might be that, the strings on a cheap Ukulele can be god enough for you so you don’t have to change them.

The Ukulele price

A cheep Standard Soprano Ukulele can cost about 20 to 30 $. You can also might find them for a lower price. The price often reflect the quality, but it can be OK to start with a cheap Ukulele so you can try it out. Later on you can buy a more expensive when you have found out that this really is the instrument for you. And you will probably come to that point!

You can of course find a good cheap Ukulele, or cheap Soprano Ukulele, that most people buy. Even a cheap Concert Ukulele, a cheap Tenor Ukulele or a cheap electric Ukulele. If it´s not provided with a bag or case, you can also find a cheap ukulele case for sale.

Here is a link to Amazon for cheap ukulele.

Another place for buying cheap ukulele is AliExpress.

The Ukulele materials

You also have to remember that there is a difference in the sound if the Ukulele is made of laminate or real wood. The Ukuleles of real wood are normally more expensive. The type of wood, mahogany, rosewood or whatever also have an impact of the sound.

Here is a $20 Ukulele vs $1000 Ukulele Comparison

If you want a left handed Ukulele you just put the stings on in the opposite order.

The low pieced Ukuleles are often low in price because everything is of a low quality materials. The strings, the wood, the tuning pegs, bridge and so on and can be of cheap material. It can also be produced in a “cheap” country. But in most cases they can be very playable and give you a lot of fun.

It is quite normal to buy a cheap Ukulele.

For how to put on new strings, see this video.

Or see the video on the bottom on the article about Ukulele String Names.

What about 8 string?

Enjoy your Ukulele!