This post is about Left handed Ukulele, and all you need to know about it!

For putting it easy: A left handed Ukulele is a normal Ukulele with the strings in the opposite order.

No big deal! You can try first of all to play on a normal right handed Ukulele. If you think you can manage that, don’t bother with changing the strings. We say this because the world is made for right handed people, and not for thous of us that are left handed.

Beginners that want to learn a bit, will find the life with the Ukulele much easier with a right handed Ukulele. The instructions are mostly for right handed people, unfortunately. The things you read, or see, on the net about learning, inclusive YouTube. Try to use a right handed, because of this.

On the other hand, you can find a lot of stuff about how to tune a ukulele for left handed, left handed cords on Ukulele, and so on. It is also possible to buy a left handed Ukulele.

If you search for it, you will get a lot of matches.

Playing the Ukulele

You will feel it a bit difficult with the strumming on a Ukulele for right handed in the beginning. Don’t give up, you will after some time manage to do it OK.

Left handed Ukulele

Some of the left handed people are more left handed than the rest. Therefore they want to have a Ukulele for them, and their way. It can probably be several reasons for that:

  • To show other people that they are left handed, and that they take the consequence of that.
  • They feel it impossible to play on a right handed Ukulele.

Reversing the strings

If you are going to reverse the strings, you must have in mind that allmost all photos, chord diagrams and so on must be translated (mirrored) to the opposite orientation. Left handed people are normally very smart so its maybe not a very big deal.

Luckily we have the internet and there you can find left handed Ukulele chord chart (GCEA). You can print it out, since this is especially relevant. Or you can buy a book with Left Handed Ukulele Chords.

After trying out playing the Ukulele for right handed, you can of course change the strings to left handed so you can feel the difference. If you find out that this rely seems like the right thing, keep it this way. If you don’t feel a big difference, you should probably change back.

How to change the strings on a left handed Ukulele

For instructions of how to change the strings, see the video below, but in the opposite order for left handed.  Therefore remember that. In addition you can see the video on the bottom of the article about Ukulele String Names.