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Basic Ukulele

Why is Basic Ukulele the best site for finding information about the Ukulele?

First of all, the best thing about our site is that we don’t have our own YouTube channel, shop or internet courses. Because of that we can show you and guide you to all kinds of good stuff and videos from the internet from several experts, and not be tied up with just our own stuff.

Therefore, we think this is absolutely the best about our web site – this freedom of giving you the best information possible related to the instrument. If we have had our own channel, or course, or shop, we would just promote our stuff and not the diversity.

On the other hand, we have some advertisements and affiliate partners for funding the costs of having this page. We hope you understand that, and please use them so we can have this site, our Facebook page and the Facebook group open.

Basic Ukulele

What will you find at the website Basic Ukulele?

On our website you will find all about the instrument, and all around it. This includes the history and articles about the different types. It is for beginners and for those that are better at handling the instrument. We think the articles cover the most and are for all Ukulele fans.

It is also added five articles about songs for the Ukulele and how to play them. Regarding songs, beginners should start at the first, and take it from there.

By the way, our most popular post is about the song “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”.

Above all we will try to make it as informative as possible and give you tips about this wonderful instrument, and how to play it. There are some links to good sites for helping you out, and we have included some genuinely nice or instructive videos from YouTube.

YouTube is a great place for learning to play, or get inspiration, but our site will take you thru the whole instrument.

If you need some professional help, you can try out Lessons 4 Beginners (Ukulele Buddy – learn in a fun way.)

Ukulele Buddy: (Discover How Jp Allen & Mitch Chang Have Helped Thousands Of Students Fulfill Their Dream Of Playing Ukulele And Learn Their Favorite Songs!)

The Ukulele

When someone talks about the Ukulele, we often picture a small instrument like a toy. But that is not the truth. It is no toy, and it is several types of it. From small to big and in all sound ranges. This can be a cheap instrument or an awfully expensive, so it is an instrument for all.

The development of this instrument is still going on.

Please go to our About site for more information! There you also find a list over the different articles/posts and links to them.

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In conclusion, The Basic Ukulele Team sincerely hope that our website can give you inspiration and tips for playing this fun and fantastic instrument!