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Why is Basic Ukulele the best site to find Ukulele information?

One of the standout features of our site is its impartiality. We don’t favor our own YouTube channel, store, or online courses. Instead, we guide you towards a diverse range of high-quality content and videos from various experts across the internet. Our priority is to promote diversity and quality, rather than self-promotion.

We believe that this gives us the freedom to provide you with the best possible information related to the ukulele. You can trust that we are not trying to sell you anything or limit your choices.

We know that finding good information about the ukulele can be time-consuming and frustrating. That’s why we have done the research for you and curated the best online resources and courses for learning the ukulele. Our articles will direct you to the most useful and relevant information for your needs.

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Basic Ukulele

What can you find on our website?

Our website is your one-stop destination for everything related to the ukulele. You will find articles that explore the history and types of the ukulele, as well as articles that teach you how to play it. Whether you are a beginners or an advanced player, you will find something for your level and interest. We cover a wide range of topics and styles for all ukulele enthusiasts.

We also have five articles that feature some of the best ukulele songs and how to play them. If you are new to the ukulele, we recommend starting with the first article and progressing from there.

By the way, our most popular post is about the songSomewhere Over The Rainbow“. It’s a classic and a favorite among many ukulele players.

Above all, our goal is to make our website as informative and helpful as possible. We provide you with tips and tricks for improving your ukulele skills and enjoying your instrument. We also link to some of the best online resources learning the ukulele. And we include some of the most entertaining and educational videos from YouTube.

YouTube is a great source of inspiration and instruction, but our site gives you a comprehensive overview of the ukulele.

The Ukulele

The ukulele is often seen as a small and simple instrument, but that is a misconception. The ukulele is not a toy, but a versatile and diverse instrument. There are several types of ukuleles, varying in size and sound. They can range from cheap and cheerful to expensive and exquisite. There is a ukulele for everyone and every budget.

The development of this instrument is still ongoing.

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In conclusion, we sincerely hope that our website can give you inspiration and tips for playing this fun and fantastic instrument!

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Finnaly, our website was established in 2015 with the attention to making it easier for those interested to learn to play, or to get information about this wonderful instrument.